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ATG Training is a large independent training provider with specialised training centres in Oxford, Stafford, and a further workshop currently being relocated.

Oxford - The Technology Campus, Cuddesdon Way, Oxford, OX4 6HN (Google directions)

Stafford (Junction 14, M6) - Tollgate Business Centre, Tollgate Drive, Stafford, ST16 3HS (Google directions)

TBC - the former London workshop is currently being relocated.

Over the years the Cytech course programme has been developed and enhanced in line with the industry requirements. This is a particular point of difference that ATG Training specialises in, given its 50 year history of being an employer and demand led training provider.

ATG Training's Cytech technical trainers and assessors are all cycling enthusiasts with years of experience, delivering training that meets the industry's highest standards.

ATG Training have close relationships with the world's finest cycle component manufacturers and distributors, which help them ensure that their training is always up-to-date and professional. ATG Training possesses a record of working closely with employers to deliver high quality vocational training, tailored closely to their needs.

In July 2010 the regulator Ofsted conducted the latest of its regular reviews of the training facilities and methods of ATG Training and recognised that a good overall provision of training was accompanied by outstanding equipment and resources. Further independent recognition of the top flight Cycle maintenance training delivered by ATG Training.

Government funding is available.

Visit the ATG website for more details or contact them by phone: +44 (0) 1865 550 324 or email:

If preferred you can also send us an email with a few details (i.e. name, contact number and what you would like to know) and we'll get someone to call you back.

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