Home mechanic

A 2 day course in the practical basics of bicycle maintenance

The Cytech home mechanic course is designed to give the enthusiast a good level of mechanical ability covering a comprehensive range of cycle maintenance areas. 

It is a two day course, led by an experienced instructor who will guide the learner through a good mix of demonstrations and practical exercises. 

Is this the right course for me?

Are you an enthusiast who would like to learn more about basic cycle maintenance?

  • Are you responsible for looking after the bikes of others and want to improve your skills?
  • Are you delivering a basic level of tuition to others?

It's a great course to give the individual the confidence to carry out repairs and servicing whilst also teaching the learner when a task should be carried out by a more experienced trained technician.

The course is taught in a relaxed environment where all the tools and cycles to practice on are provided - so there is no chance of damaging your own pride and joy.

On completion you will receive the Cytech home mechanic certificate.

Alternatively, begin your Cytech journey right away with the Cytech theory one online course.

What does this course include?

  • Headsets
  • Bottom bracket
  • Drive train
  • Gear set-up
  • Brakes
  • Hubs
  • Tyres & tubes

Qualification and certification level

The Cytech home mechanic course is an industry recognised qualification that will stand the candidate in good stead as a base for continually improving skills and knowledge.

The programme can be supplemented by any or all of the other Cytech courses available. Use the Courses tab to see the different courses available.

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Course details

The two day course is available from all approved Cytech training providers.

How much does this course cost?

You can see all Cytech courses and prices in the Cytech price list section.


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Home mechanic plus

Home mechanic wheel building

Understanding the principles and materials used in wheel building

Building wheels is a job that requires skill and dexterity, but with expert tuition and the right kit you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Using top end wheels, components and spokes the end result of the course will be a professional quality wheel set and a competent wheel building mechanic.

What does this course include?

  • Introduction to wheel building theory
  • Types of spokes and spoke length calculation
  • Wheel lacing techniques
  • Looking at various spoke patterns
  • Truing and tensioning a wheel

Course details

The course lasts for 3 days and is available from approved Cytech training providers PJCS and Torq Zone Academy.

Cytech Wheel Building is an industry recognised qualification in it's own right but worth noting is that it can be used as a module towards a more advanced Cytech technical two qualification by the completion of additional modules.

To find out more contact the approved Cytech training providers

How much does this course cost?

You can see all Cytech courses and prices in the Cytech price list section.

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