Tech Help

Being the experts in cycle mechanics, servicing and maintenance, our Cytech trainers and assessors put together articles and guides for you with their tips and tricks to add to your bike mechanic know-how.


Torq Zone Academy

Graeme at our training provider Torq Zone Academy put together helpful tech tips in the form of short videos as part of the series of Techie Tip Thursdays, as well as small articles for his newsletter, covering bicycle maintenance topics in bitesize chunks.

Latest Techie Tip Thursday - #11 Assessing BB Wear

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ADAPT Network

We partnered with ADAPT Network to create a series of bicycle maintenance guides shedding light on some of the common tasks bike owners need to do to keep their steed in top shape.

Bike Maintenance Freewheels/Cassettes

How to remove and install freewheels and cassettes

Cytech at The London Bike Show

London Bike Show 2018 Preview

Bicycle Maintenance Bar Taping

How to tape your handlebars

Bicycle Maintenance Winter Checks

How to look after your bike over winter

Bicycle Maintenance Disc Brakes

How to repair, service and look after your disc brakes

Bicycle Maintenance Chains

Chains, wear and replacement

Bicycle Maintenance Cycle Show

Cytech report from The Cycle Show 2017 – Birmingham NEC

Bicycle Maintenance Suspension

How to set up your mountain bike suspension

Bicycle Maintenance True Wheels

How to true your wheels

Bicycle Maintenance Rim Brakes

How to replace your rim brake pads

Bicycle Maintenance Hubs

How to give your hubs a service

Bicycle Maintenance Spring Checks

What to check on a bike that’s been stored over winter


Cycling Industry News

During his time as a Cytech trainer and assessor, Jules wrote for Cycling Industry News (CI.N) on a regular basis, providing his expert insight, tips and tricks to aid those working within the industry.

Shimano Di2 Service
Image source: CI.N

The importance of Di2 updates and customisation

Staying clean when going tubeless
Image source: CI.N

Bike shop tips on keeping the workshop clean when going tubeless

Life hacks to save time
Image source: CI.N

Five life hacks to save the bike mechanic time

E-bike tips
Image source: CI.N

Best practice tips for e-bikes and the modern workshop

Bleeding a RockShox hydraulic remote
Image source: CI.N

How to bleed a RockShox hydraulic remote