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Arragon's Cycles talks about Best Small Shops competition commendation

Sarah Graham, owner of Arragon's Cycles has spoken out about how the competition has affected their business and how they continuously strive for greatness.

12 Nov 2019, more…

GoFundMy Business: The Cash-Strapped Small Business solution?

GoFundMe is being used as a method for small businesses to raise funds that are cash-strapped and struggling

11 Nov 2019, more…

eBike Summit 2020 date announced

The eBike Summit have announced that they will return to Oxford University's Wolfson College in Spring 2020

28 Oct 2019, more…

Last week to claim Theory one offer

Alongside The Cycle Show last month Cytech are offering a third off the Theory one course until the end of October, allowing you to start your Cytech journey for less.

28 Oct 2019, more…

Sports Direct calls for investigation of Nike-Adidas market dominance

Sports Direct has voiced concerns about the dominance of Adidas and Nike and the high level of supplier power that they have in the sportswear industry.

15 Oct 2019, more…

Take part in CI.N's market data drive and earn rewards

CyclingIndustry.News is seeking to compile a health report of the UK bike retail channel for the third year running.

8 Oct 2019, more…

Tyre Lever Competition Winner Announced

As popular as ever was the Tyre Lever Competition - free to enter on theCytech stand at The Cycle Show all you needed to do to be within a chance of winning either a Home mechanic course or...

27 Sep 2019, more…

Whistler Adventure School, Cytech and Specialized Bicycle Components Canada to Formalise Partnership

Whistler Adventure School is pleased to announce the enhancement of our bicycle mechanic course to incorporate the internationally recognised Cytech certification, offered through Specialized...

26 Sep 2019, more…

London goes traffic-free this Sunday

London continues to test the waters with traffic-free street by taking part in World Car Free Day

18 Sep 2019, more…

HSBC free cycling festival in Edinburgh

HSBC UK Let's ride Edinburgh is back on Sunday the 22nd September with a free cycling festival!

18 Sep 2019, more…

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The Cytech Workshop Makes a Return to London Bike Show

Posted on 28 Feb 2019

LBS The UK's largest cycling exhibition, back for its 9th edition at the ExCeL London from 29-31 March 2019, is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever.

Visitors to The London Bike Show will be able to browse the offerings of a whole host of brands big and small, as well as being treated to a range of talks across multiple stages, an e-bike test arena, a kids test track, an ‘extreme bike battle' and a new show-within-show concept area dedicated to women's cycling to mention just a few of the features.

Also in attendance The Cytech Workshop makes a return for the show's new March date.

cytech workshop The Cytech Workshop, staffed by our experts who train the world's professionals, is a place where attendees can come to seek help and advice about everything bike mechanics. Whether you've been trained before and wanting to pick up some of the latest tips and tricks, looking to be trained or even completely new to cycling and everything that goes with it, we'll be there to help.

Alongside general help and info there'll be a series of tech demonstrations being held throughout the show, delivered by our very own Cytech master technician Jules Thrasher. Scheduled to run at multiple times each day, show visitors will be able to find out more and ask questions about the inner workings of a range of components found on your bike, allowing you to be more confident when tinkering at home. 


The Cytech Workshop Demo Schedule

  Friday 29th March Saturday 30th March Sunday 31st March
10:45 - Bar Taping
11:00   11:00 - Hydraulic Disc Brake Care - Part 1
11:30 11:30 - Rear Gear Adjustment    
12:30   12:30 - Hydraulic Disc Brake Care - Part 2 12:30 - Wheel Truing
13:30 13:30 - Front Gear Adjustment    
13:45 - Rear Gear Adjustment
14:30   14:30 - Rear Gear Adjustment  
15:00 15:00 - Bar Taping   15:00 - Front Gear Adjustment
16:00 16:00 - Wheel Truing 16:00 - Front Gear Adjustment  

Rear Gears

Rear Gear Adjustment

It can be immensely annoying if the gears on your bike don’t work as they should. In this session we’ll take a deep dive into the rear gears of your bike covering how to set up and adjust the rear derailleur, check for damage and misalignment, know the different types of rear derailleur and how they relate to different cassette sizes as well as replacing a cable to keep the shifting slick.

Front Gears

Front Gear Adjustment

The front derailleur can be a source of mystery for many. In this session we will show you why alignment matters, what cable tension and routing you require, the different styles of front derailleur and how to set up, care and troubleshoot them.

Bar Taping

Bar Taping

An easy way of getting a fresh new look to your bike is to replace the handlebar tape. This session will show you how to get that pro look at the front of your bike.

Wheel Truing

Wheel Truing & Spoke Replacement

At some point in your riding career you will need to true a wheel and possibly replace a spoke. This session will show you how whilst also explaining some of the concepts of the bicycle wheel.

Hydraulics Part 1

Hydraulic Disc Brake Care – Part 1

More and more bikes are coming equipped with hydraulic disc brakes as standard. In this demo we’ll show you how to replace your disc pads, how to check for wear and contamination, how to set up the brake so it runs true to the caliper and how to effectively bed in your brake pads for optimal performance.

Hydraulics Part 2

Hydraulic Disc Brake Care – Part 2

An important part of a hydraulic system is the oil in the hoses. Air is the enemy of a hydraulic system and in this session we’ll show you the principles of getting the air out of a hydraulic brake.


Fastest Wrench Competition is making a come back!

It's not only The Cytech Workshop making a return this year. Back by popular demand is Cytech's Fastest Wrench Competition - a finger-pinching race against the clock to remove and replace an inner tube.

With free competition entry, head-to-heads, a daily leader board and a range of prizes up for grabs the competition will be as fierce as ever - will you be the one to set the new record and be crowned The Fastest Wrench?

Further information and how to buy tickets can be found through the London Bike Show website.

We'll see you there!