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Local Bike Shop Day 2019 busiest day ever!

Local Bike Shop Day is the one day a year when independent bike shops across the UK can come together to celebrate their distinctive culture. It's the day for local bike shops to showcase their...

16 May 2019, more…

Creating an SEO Strategy for 2019

How to create an SEO strategy for 2019

29 Apr 2019, more…

Survey: How is the national living wage impacting on your business?

Help to highlight the impact that wage increases are having on the sector

25 Apr 2019, more…

Poll: Were cycle retail sales up from Easter?

Let us know how the scorching sunshine affected your footfall

25 Apr 2019, more…

The ultimate guide to user testing

Learn how user testing can help to improve user experience and reach your customers in more efficient ways

24 Apr 2019, more…

Record Store Day, the inspiration for Local Bike Shop Day

Saturday 13th April 2019 saw another successful Record Store Day (RSD) with thousands of record shops across the globe coming together to celebrate their unique culture and community.

24 Apr 2019, more…

SEO tasks you can't ignore

Top 10 SEO task that no business should ignore

24 Apr 2019, more…

Report violence and abuse

Support the #AlwaysReportAbuse campaign

24 Apr 2019, more…

Quarter of Europeans commuting by e-bike

Nearly a quarter of Europeans are now willing to commute to work by e-bike

5 Apr 2019, more…

331 brands confirmed for LBS

The London Bike Show & Triathlon Show: London, the UK's largest cycling and triathlon exhibition, has today announced that an eye-catching line up of 331 big name and innovative brands will be...

28 Mar 2019, more…

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South Downs Bikes, back for another Local Bike Shop Day!

Posted on 28 Mar 2019

LBSD 2019 South Downs Bikes has been around for 14 years and is now a renowned indie bicycle company with two shops in Storrington and Worthing.

South Downs Bikes has had a wonderfully unique journey, with a previous shop located within a Smart car dealership and another in an old forge. In the last couple of years, the Storrington branch has taken shape where the old village social club once stood.

Today, South Downs Bikes Storrington and Worthing have both become destination stores, providing spacious, fresh showroom areas and large workshops.

South Downs Bikes is more than just an amazing bike shop housing road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes, kid's bikes, men's clothing, women's clothing and all things bike accessories. South Downs Bikes sits at the heart of the local communities of Worthing and Storrington, supporting and promoting local charity rides as well as offering their own monthly off-road evening rides to cyclists of all abilities, followed by a hearty curry or BBQ! Women-specific events with interesting talks, helpful tips and delicious snacks are a regular feature, as well as bike maintenance evenings. Their workshops offer a full range of services and are filled with Cytech-qualified mechanics always happy to discuss any bicycle servicing needs.

South Downs Bikes took part in the very first LBSD in 2018 and are eager to take part in this year's event hoping to make it bigger and better. LBSD 2019 gives South Downs Bikes another chance to harness the day's potential and really get as much out of it as they can for their shop and local communities.

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For Martin, owner of South Downs Bikes, LBSD 2019 is a way for bike shops to come together in an effective way. Bike shops offer something that online trading doesn't, friendly welcoming faces, specialist knowledge and service, something that online trading can't compete with.

LBSD 2019 is a way for all those bike shops out there to highlight and showcase what makes them stand out and #supportyourlikebikeshop!

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