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The ACT: Bike Builders needed now

Following the sudden demand for bicycles the ACT is making a big shout out to technicians that are free to take on bike building work now

24 Apr 2020, more…

Bicycle shops can remain open for business

Bicycle shops are considered an exception to the measures and can remain open for business

24 Mar 2020, more…

UK training providers suspend Cytech training courses amid coronavirus outbreak

Both training providers in the UK, Activate Cycle Academy and PJCS, have decided to stop delivering Cytech courses for the forseeable future amid concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

23 Mar 2020, more…

Local Bike Shop Day participation predicted to double in 2020

The ACT and Cyclescheme join forces to make Local Bike Shop Day 2020 the biggest yet!

13 Mar 2020, more…

London Bike Show postponed until 3 - 5 July due to COVID-19

The London Bike Show and Triathlon Show,originally due to take place from 27th-29th March, have announced todaythat the shows will be postponed until 3 - 5 July following the escalation...

12 Mar 2020, more…

The Fastest Wrench returns for London Bike Show 2020

After a year's hiatus the competition is back by popular demand for London Bike Show 2020

9 Mar 2020, more…

Save your customers 40% on London Bike Show tickets

Let your customers know about London Bike Show and help them save 40% on the standard ticket price of £18!

4 Mar 2020, more…

Some Local Bike Shop Day ideas to get you going

Ideas that can help you to get your customers and the wider community involved in Local Bike Shop Day

24 Feb 2020, more…

Ride to Work Week 2020: Bikes, bikes, bikes!

Why you should take part in Ride to Work Week 2020

17 Feb 2020, more…

Free trade entry for The London Bike Show through the ACT

Register for your free trade entry to London Bike Show now

17 Feb 2020, more…

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Report violence and abuse

Posted on 24 Apr 2019

Always Report AbuseThe Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is encouraging retailers to report every incident of violence or abuse.

The ACS, along with the Home Office, have launched the #AlwaysReportAbuse campaign, a campaign that aims to challenge the perception that being subjected to verbal abuse and aggressive behaviour is a normal part of working in retail.

The ACS's 2019 Crime Report illustrates that 83% of staff working in local shops have been subjected to verbal abuse within the past 12 months.

Retailers and staff are being encouraged to #AlwaysReportAbuse.

The ACS has created campaign materials, including a poster to share with and educate store colleagues, available here and a campaign video highlighting the human impact of crime on people working within retail, available here.

You can also request personalised posters featuring your store name. If this is something that you are interested in please get in touch with Chris Noice by emailing

Please share the message and #AlwaysReportAbuse.