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Rising costs halt plans for walking and cycling crossing

The plans for a new Thames walking and cycling crossing from Canary Wharf to Rotherhithe in London have been halted due to the rising costs

25 Jun 2019, more…

Get involved in Local Bike Shop Day

Local Bike Shop Day celebrates independent bike shops all around the UK

24 Jun 2019, more…

The E-bike potential

New research estimates the effect of e-bikes on miles travelled and greenhouse gas emissions

24 Jun 2019, more…

ATG Training return to Scotland this summer

ATG Training return to Scotland this summer

28 May 2019, more…

Local Bike Shop Day 2019 busiest day ever!

Local Bike Shop Day is the one day a year when independent bike shops across the UK can come together to celebrate their distinctive culture. It's the day for local bike shops to showcase their...

16 May 2019, more…

Creating an SEO Strategy for 2019

How to create an SEO strategy for 2019

29 Apr 2019, more…

Survey: How is the national living wage impacting on your business?

Help to highlight the impact that wage increases are having on the sector

25 Apr 2019, more…

Poll: Were cycle retail sales up from Easter?

Let us know how the scorching sunshine affected your footfall

25 Apr 2019, more…

The ultimate guide to user testing

Learn how user testing can help to improve user experience and reach your customers in more efficient ways

24 Apr 2019, more…

Record Store Day, the inspiration for Local Bike Shop Day

Saturday 13th April 2019 saw another successful Record Store Day (RSD) with thousands of record shops across the globe coming together to celebrate their unique culture and community.

24 Apr 2019, more…

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Survey: How is the national living wage impacting on your business?

Posted on 25 Apr 2019

Increases to the National Living Wage has detrimental impacts on the UK's low-wage sectors, including retail, accommodation, food and administrative services.

ACS voice of local shops The 2018 National Living Wage survey, representing more than 3,000 stores, found that the latest increase in the National Living Wage had dire impacts. 75% of retailers reduced the number of staff hours in their business, 60% increased the number of hours they had to work to cover staff shortages, 39% had to reduce the number of staff employed in their business and 77% believe that the rate should not rise any higher than the rate of inflation.

The current National Living Wage rate is £8.21 for employees aged 25 and over, with a target to reach 60% of median wage earnings (£8.67) by 2020.

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is calling on retailers to respond to the National Living Wage Survey 2019.

The survey will not only help inform the ACS' submission to the Low Pay Commission's consultation on wage rates to apply in 2020/21 and the future path for the National Living Wage beyond 2020.

The results will also enable independent retail associations to highlight the impact the wage increases are having on the sector, such as delayed investment, reducing staff hours and changing pay structures directly from the evidence provided by retailers.

The survey can be completed via the link below. Responses must be submitted by the 3rd of May.

Take the survey

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