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ATG Training return to Scotland this summer

ATG Training return to Scotland this summer

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5 Apr 2019, more…

ATG Training return to Scotland this summer

Posted on 28 May 2019

Cytech courses

Following previous successful Cytech assessment days in Scotland, ATG Training have scheduled their next road trip north to take place this July.

Cytech is the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians delivering training and promotion of technical skills to the cycle trade and enthusiasts worldwide.

Cytech is delivered through accredited training providers who operate from centres across the UK. However, in locations where no training centres currently exist ATG Training are making it possible to carry out assessment days, giving everyone access to the same qualifications.

ATG Training will be visiting Scotland to carry out Cytech technical two assessments from 8th-12th July, giving members of the trade the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification without having to visit one of the training centres.

Cytech technical two assessment includes a full strip and rebuild on a bike, facing and chasing the frame, a wheel build and a hydraulic bleed. Depending on your circumstances and workshop facilities ATG Training can arrange to visit you and your staff in your own workshop (if suitable). The ATG team can provide assessment and certification with minimal fuss and disruption to your workplace.

Book your place

Places are limited, so an early booking is essential to secure your place.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity please contact ATG Training on 01865 550 324 or to register your interest and find out more details.