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Set the date for Local Bike Shop Day 2019

Local Bike Shop Day 2019 is launching today, set the 4th of May aside for an amazing day supporting your local bike shops.

4 Feb 2019, more…

UK E-bike imports see modest increase in units but larger increase in value

Analysis reports a modest increase in the total number of e-bikes entering the country between January and December 2018.

31 Jan 2019, more…

The ACT is back at iceBike* 2019

The ACT is back at iceBike* for another year.

30 Jan 2019, more…

IBD Freewheel programme

Madison has just announced that its new website is opening up to ALL cycling retailers across the UK.

25 Jan 2019, more…

The new reality of the US bike market: Part 2

Vosper investigates the new reality of the bike market further in exploring era 3.0 as a driver in the bike market and shifting market strategies.

23 Jan 2019, more…

No insurance required for e-bikes

On the 22nd of January the European Parliament decided that compulsory third party liability insurance is not required for e-bikes.

23 Jan 2019, more…

Help prevent mandatory e-bike insurance

Your chance to help stop potential damage on the growth of the e-bike market.

18 Jan 2019, more…

Halfords sales in decline again

Halfords is seeing its consumer confidence weaken, something that will likely stretch into the next financial year.

15 Jan 2019, more…

Exciting opening to London Bike Show

The Brownlee brothers are scheduled to open the 2019 London Bike Show.

15 Jan 2019, more…

Is click & collect the way to go?

Is click and collect the solution to channel online sales to bricks and mortar bike shops?

9 Jan 2019, more…

Set the date for Local Bike Shop Day 2019

Posted on 4 Feb 2019

local bike shop day

The Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) and Dan Jones are proud to announce this year's Local Bike Shop Day, celebrating independent bike shops all around the UK, as the 4th May 2019.

Local Bike Shop Day gives specialist, independent bike shops the chance to exhibit what makes their shop stand out, why consumers should shop local and what sets them apart from bigger national retailers - specifically the passion, knowledge and individual service IBDs provide to help customers get the most out of cycling. Local Bike Shop Day welcomes the more experienced riders but its objective is to open up the door to everyone, including first-timers, females and children.


The inaugural Local Bike Shop Day took place on 6th October 2018, celebrating indie bike shops across the country. In 2018 c.100 bike shops got involved, with some holding workshops, group rides and offering coffee and cake to welcome potential customers through their doors. Last year's event created a buzz on social media with the hashtag #supportyourlocalbikeshop used by retailers throughout the campaign to call on their local community to come along and show support.

Following industry consultation, Local Bike Shop Day 2019 will be held on the 4th of May to help draw in customers, old and new, as peak season starts - hopefully taking advantage of some sunny and warm spring weather.

Ongoing support for IBDs

Engaging and developing personal relationships with potential customers is important, especially with the omnipresence of ecommerce and Local Bike Shop Day provides a way of getting these people into store. The events or offers created to entice customers is up to the individual dealer but working together with the local community to raise awareness about the event is essential. The local council, newspapers, groups and other shops should all be involved where possible. Further ideas and guidance to help IBDs make Local Bike Shop Day a success will be published over the next few months, including a download pack.

Inspiration for Local Bike Shop Day was taken from Record Store Day, which has been developed and nurtured by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) over the last 12 years to make it the success that it is today.

Daniel Jones kickstarted the event alongside the ACT in the UK after the Americans and Canadians introduced Local Bike Shop Day in 2017.

The ACT sit alongside ERA as part of the Independent Retailers Confederation (IRC) and find themselves in the unique position to learn lessons about how to emulate their success for the cycles market.

What next?

Retailers can register their shops for Local Bike Shop Day 2019 here.
*IBDs do not have to be a paying member of the ACT to register.

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