Technical three

Cytech technical three is designed for advanced cycle mechanics with strong technical knowledge and experience working on high-end bicycles and equipment. Cytech technical three is the highest attainable qualification in professional cycle maintenance in the UK.  

Course structure and delivery 

The Cytech technical three qualification is delivered in a modular format to allow businesses and candidates the option to choose specific training relevant to the products they are working on.

Technical three consists of five modules split into three core and two additional modules.

To obtain a full Cytech technical three qualification you need to complete all of the core modules plus one of the additional modules, however individual modules can be taken separately if required.

The modules are as follows:

Core modules:

Additional modules:

More information about what the modules cover can be found in the dropdown sections below.

Who is Technical three for?

All the Technical three modules are designed for experienced cycle mechanics with a strong working knowledge of the cycle industry. Candidates should be qualified to at least Cytech technical two.

It is reasonably expected that candidates gain future experience after and on top of these modules (gained in the workplace and from manufacturer training courses), due to the vast nature of brand specific products and the continuous changes and developments that are being made within the industry.

How much does this course cost?

The Cytech technical three training and assessment course and its individual modules are available to both cycle shop employees and members of the public.

You can see all Cytech courses and prices in the Cytech price list section.

Assessment only is also available, contact your nearest Cytech training provider for more details.

Government funding may be available for candidates who meet funding criteria. Speak to ATG Training for details.


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Cytech technical three - hydraulics

Cytech technical three - suspension

Cytech technical three - advanced wheel building

Cytech technical three - electronic gear systems

Cytech technical three - electronic gear systems is one of the additional modules of the full Technical three course.

This module is aimed at individuals who are new to electronic gear systems looking to know how to set-up, maintain, adjust and fault diagnose modern day bicycle electronic gear systems.

What does this module include?

This module lasts 1 day and covers the following (for both MTB and road):

  • An overview of the different electronic gear systems currently available
  • Shimano Di2 mechanical installation procedures
  • Shimano Di2 on bike set-up using a junction box
  • Shimano Di2 set-up using a PC
  • Shimano Di2 fault diagnostics
  • Applying Shimano Di2 firmware updates
  • Shimano Di2 set-up to rider preferences
  • Full set-up (on bike and PC), fault diagnosis and set-up to rider preference on one electronic gear system

How much does this module cost?

Cytech technical three - electronic gear systems training and assessment is available through all of the approved Cytech training providers.

You can see all Cytech courses and prices in the Cytech price list section.


Cytech technical three - tubular and tubeless tyre installation