About the Directory

The Cytech directory is a listing of all Cytech qualified personnel, including members of the public and employees of specialist retailers and suppliers.

The directory works as a constantly updated census of who is Cytech qualified and where they are employed. It is also a way to check that you, your staff or colleagues have the necessary qualifications and that these are correctly listed.

Search for your local store to find out which employees are qualified and to what level.

If you work in the trade, check that your business is listed and make sure all your Cytech qualified colleagues are listed with all the right qualifications, click here to update any details.

How does it work?

Each person holding a Cytech qualification is listed in the directory. By default, Cytech alumni are listed from most qualified to least qualified. This is done by using learning points allocated to every Cytech qualification.

If a business employs a new member of staff with Cytech qualifications, the directory will be updated. As members of staff gain new qualifications these will be added to the directory. The directory is updated automatically every 24 hours at midnight.

Some qualifications listed in the directory are historic and are no longer available to new applicants. However, these qualifications are still listed against the candidates who hold them.

Keep the directory updated

To help us maintain the list please take the time to inform us:

  • If you employ a new member of staff who has existing Cytech qualifications
  • If you move from one business to another
  • If you know someone has left the trade
  • If some of your qualifications are not listed in the directory

Click here to request an update.

Cytech technical three on the directory

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